On this first day of the event we will bring
to you an introduction on how blockchain
and cryptocurrencies work, from how it
started to how it is evolving.
During this full day you will experience
talks, workshops and networking
moments focused on the most widely
used applications of this technology in
lots of different areas, such as finances
and law.

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Day 01

Sat, February 06

Day 02

Sun, February 07

10:30 AM

11:15 AM

12:00 AM

12:30 AM

13:00 PM

14:30 PM

15:15 PM

17:00 PM

Blockchain 101 - The first talk you need to attend!
Marco Carvalho

Blockchain, businesses, and smart cities: from concept to application
Josina Rodrigues

Blockchains and distributed systems: the bridge between concepts and practice
Rodrigo Miragaia Rodrigues

Networking Moment


Blockchain in Financial Services
Paulo Rodrigues

Workshop: BlockBase - The power of blockchain applied to databases
Ricardo Schiller Pinto and Diogo Bulha

Blockchain regulatory landscape: present and future
Nuno Lima da Luz